SMP Accreditation

Give your clients the requiered HSE Options for training increase your clients and sales and save money.

To assist with this SMP offer a Voluntary Accreditation Scheme, This Accreditation supports your client’s Due diligence when selecting a first-aid training provider or when as a freelance trainer showing that you meet the required HSE criteria and competence to provide training. It is also assesed on the standards requiered by professional medical services.

They can also check your profile in your listing to ensure it meets their requirements. Then give feedback and ratings.

If you opt for Accreditation your listing will have the HSE checklist for evaluating the competence of first-aid training organisations or freelance trainers for your clients to download already checked and approved.

The listing also allow you to show your competency from any Awarding Organisation or any First aid industry body as SMP accreditation can be copied from your AO to save time and money as we reconise Regulated Qualifications and the aproval process you go through.

The listings also allow for client feedback and ratings to ensure that you are meeting the clients’ expectations.

We will also provide accreditation for bespoke courses and online courses where needed to help meet your clients First Aid needs assessment.