On 28th November 2011, Professor Ragnar Löfstedt submitted a report called ‘Reclaiming Health and Safety for all’ – following this, first aid was deregulated by the HSE. As a result on the 1st October 2013 the Fist Aid Hub was created by SMP FAIB Limited (First aid industry body) desinged by a group of experienced professionals from the First aid training industry.

Who we are.

We are experienced professionals from the first aid industry services.
Our experience comes from.
The British Red Cross Vocational Development Manager setting and agreeing standards for the European First Aid certificate. also created FPSO with Pearson’s and an External Verifier for Edexcel. Qulified Internal & external Verifiers and ISO 9000 Quality Assurance.
British Red Cross Accredited Lecturer and St John Tutor for Trainer Training. Royal Army Medical Corps and Military training instructor, Combat Medical Technician, US EFMB (Expert Field Medical Badge).
Mountain leader, RLSS NPLQ Lifeguard, Police Sgt & Trainer, NHS Paramedics, Air Ambulance, Nurses and Prison service. Parliamentary and Diplomatic protection Firearms officers. Fire service and Blue light response drivers and many more. All have over 30 years + of occupational experience .

What we do

We support anybody in the first aid industry to help maintain those professional standards and ultimately help and improve their business. We assist the client/Customer meet their Due diligence and to comply with their legal duties under the Health and Safety (First-Aid) regulations 1981 for First aid providers who:
Offer regulated qualifications; Like an AO (Awarding Organisation)
Operate under voluntary accreditation schemes (including trade/industry bodies); Like a FAIB
Operate independently of any such accreditation scheme.

How we do this

We do this by providing a platform for your training to promote your business,
receive reviews and ratings form your customers.
Keep you up to date with any legal requirements.
Give official support and replies to a question (instead of getting a dozen conflicting replies form Facebook groups.)
Design and sell your own online courses.
Earn commission from selling ours or others online courses.
We also have our own Accreditation scheme to ensure a quality standard if you feel that is for you.

What do you get

Save money by
Designing your own courses (relevant to the clients First aid needs assessment)
Issue your own certificate.
Save money on course handouts/books
Provide your own online training.
Get online IQA & CPD by ” Rate My Training”
Flexible membership and services that meets your needs.

First Aid Industry Body development team

We are also looking for competent professionals to help develop the First Aid Industry. As Professor Lofstedt has said “The future shape of the first aid training sector going forward is a matter for the industry to determine.”
You will receive free membership in return for your expertise as part of our FAIB Development team where you will be able to develop and increase your business and sales and the future of the First Aid Industry.
Please contact our admin team for further details.