COVID Guidelines for First Aid Training

Guidelines as of 6 Jan 2022
Remember the legal requirement for face coverings came in force on the 4 Jan 22 the rest is strongly recommended guidelines, you should have a risk assessment in place to address theses
Temperate checks are not recommended as part of the current guidelines as of 30 July 21, Also see UKNI UKCA marked devices and government warning.

Independent (First aid)training providers must follow the guidelines for

And for

1 (4 Jan 22) Face coverings should be worn in most classrooms and when moving around the premises. Trainers do not have to whilst teaching. Provider must have a spare supply for students. (10 Dec 21 Legal requirement)
2, Should not use NHS COVID pass as a condition of entry
3, Ensure good hygiene for everyone
4, Maintain appropriate cleaning regimes
5, Keep occupied space well ventilated and space students out if possible.
6, Follow public health advice on testing i.e . Staff and students should continue to test twice weekly at home, with lateral flow device (LFD) test kits, 3 to 4 days apart. Testing remains voluntary but is strongly encouraged.Independent training providers do not have do on site testing. (so, trainers should request students self-test (LFD) before course but cannot enforce or have it as a condition of entry)
7, The sports guidelines assist in the carrying out of the physical part of first aid. Cleaning equipment between users and when not to wear face-masks.
8, NHS QR code poster.