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First aid terminology

First aid terminology vs common language In most walks of life there are lots of multiple meanings of words and language in normal use and there use in legal terms. I.E owning a “dangerous dog” is different than owning a “dog that’s dangerous”. Also words like "Must"...

First Aid training COVID guidelines

Guidelines as of 6 Jan 2022Remember the legal requirement for face coverings came in force on the 4 Jan 22 the rest is strongly recommended guidelines, you should have a risk assessment in place to address theses.Temperate checks are not recommended as part of the...

Warning “HSE Approved “First Aid!

HSE approval of first aid providers or qualifications Since an amendment to the Regulations in 2013, HSE does not have the responsibility or authority to approve first aid training providers or qualifications, with the exception of those operating in the offshore...

Best Apps to download

The SMP First Aid Hub recommends apps for first aiders to download to get the most support available. Which ones do you find the best?

Which Pulse Oximeter.

Which have produced a review of Pulse Oximeters Theses may be useful in some First Aid situations.Or could we use smart watches for this information in the future?Should we be using them in First Aid?

New Rate My Training

The first aid Hub has launched its new “Rate my training” to help and support training providers IQASave time and money and improve quality assurance. Free for members. HSE First aid at work Regs 1981 States: A quality assurance system is needed to ensure that the...

The Start of FPOS

A reunion of the creators of FPOS at the SMP First Aid Hub at the Emergency services show. Alan Howson From Pearsons and our own Ken Sharpe.